Dir. Aaron Schillinger

Director Aaron Schillinger has been building a documentary detailing the history Boblo Island, one of America's earliest amusement parks. The film will feature live and archival footage, interviews with historians and locals, and animated sequences delving into more of Boblo's history.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 4.07.17 PM.png

I will be illustrating a sequence telling the story of Sarah Elizabeth Ray, the 'Rosa Parks of Detroit'. She boarded the SS Columbia as a student in the 1940s, only to be separated from her class and escorted off the boat. When offered a refund she refused, and brought the Boblo Management Company to court. Ray would come to be represented by Thurgood Marshall and they would fight and win a discrimination case against Boblo in the Supreme Court.

The sequence will be brought to life in stop-motion animation. I am currently building a replica of the SS Columbia ferry along with over a dozen puppets to tell Ray's story.

More info, photos and updates to come. Till then: puppets!