#RestlessForChange is a many-tiered and evolving side project of mine. Presently it involves refurbishing and building dozens of puppets which I am selling through my RestlessLeg Etsy Shop with 30% of each sale supporting UNICEF and their causes. 

Much is on the way in the days to come. 

If you'd like to commission something specific, feel free to give me a shout. Proceeds will continue to go toward supporting UNICEF, or we can discuss donating to an organization of your choosing.

Here are those very satisfying before n' afters. This partly came about upon a growing realization of how very many puppets - mostly unfinished thoughts, dozens still in the armature phase - I have in storage. An alarmingly literal closet of skeletons. 

Many are leftovers from when I used to vend at artist markets. Most I believe were the beginnings of gifts I never had time to finish. Here's to tying those loose ends and an creating an exciting new batch built with more heart, better craftsmanship and a new exploration of character design.