I'm Bec, and happy to meet you. I am a production designer, puppet builder and stop-motion animator. I work with my hands, love chasing a good texture, and tend to take the recycling back inside on Tuesdays. 

Transitioned from prop to puppet with the Jim Henson Co. and have since worked with small and large scale builds and animations for Sesame Street, LG, Mountain Dew, Mattel, Try The World, Harry's, and the off-Broadway adaptations of Eric Carle's stories.

In the past year, I have designed, built and animated for three stop-motion productions and am currently writing and directing a narrative children's series.


Always a believer in taking a second and third look at what we've got around us. My work is known for promoting sustainable material, handmade craft, practical effect, and celebration of texture. Stubbornly committed to making new things the old way.

Gravitate toward projects with heart and story, and tend to dive into productions that either deliver a solid message or invite me to build worlds.

Stick around, big things to come.

zero before the dot